Over the past 10 years, MediaMint has grown from a small group of media and technology operations agents to a team of over 900 employees around the world handling a wide variety of operational and technical support needs for our expanding client base. We have worked hard and humbly to earn the trust of our clients and have helped them develop streamlined and scalable operations, providing them with a competitive advantage in their respective markets. This level of support and flexibility has been even more pronounced during our 10th year as the impact of COVID forced businesses around the world to quickly transition to distributed teams and accelerate digital commerce activities. 

The monumental shift from business as usual in 2020 highlighted the importance of leading and aligning our people around MediaMint’s core values, which provided our clients with the peace of mind to adjust their operating strategy and continue to scale their businesses aided by our first-rate teams. Forging ahead, MediaMint remains committed to our mission, vision, and values that drive success for our people, our business, and most importantly, our clients.  

What does it mean to #BeEPIC?

To #BeEPIC starts with our people. It is a mindset adopted at every level of our organization when working as a team to serve internal and external clients. #BeEPIC has shaped MediaMint into an organic learning organization and created a lasting foundation for future growth. It is not enough to share our values…it is our responsibility to live by them. #BeEPIC gives focus and builds confidence and trust with those by whom we are surrounded. This principle ensures we deliver results and exceed expectations for the clients we serve. It is what sets MediaMint apart and allows our people, our teams, and our clients to #BeEPIC.

E – Environment for people to flourish

At MediaMint, we hire the strongest talent and provide them with the training and professional development opportunities to flourish in their daily work, across company initiatives, and throughout their professional careers. With many of our leaders and managers having been with us since the beginning, we’ve placed an emphasis on leadership and development training as they assume new roles. Ultimately, this investment in our most important asset, our people, gives clients the confidence that MediaMint is THE source for talent in a rapidly evolving market.  We celebrate teamwork. We lead through empathy. And we succeed by helping people grow personally and professionally. 

P – Pursuit of Excellence

While a job done well is a baseline for success, MediaMint employees pride themselves on continuously improving the processes, communication, insights, and output delivered in each initiative. In an industry that is always changing, our teammates must constantly learn and adapt. We are passionate about the work we do and foster an environment of self-belief to build confidence at each level. When faced with new challenges, MediaMint proactively addresses the issues at hand with targeted root cause problem-solving techniques. Doing so enables constant learning opportunities across the organization. MediaMint’s growth-oriented mindset provides employees with the tools to mature as leaders, and clients with the confidence to scale.

I – Integrity and Respect Above All

To #BeEPIC is to be ethical, honest, trustworthy, and upright. We may create efficiencies, but we never take shortcuts. Quality, consistency, and transparency are always a priority. MediaMint prides itself on earning the respect, trust, and business of our clients every day. We are confident in our abilities and establish long-lasting relationships through modesty and humility.  

C – Customer Delight

In the end, MediaMint only exists because of the customer satisfaction and delight we strive to provide for our partners. These results are achieved by each individual taking responsibility and accountability for their deliverables and daily actions. We measure our progress through data and identify areas for improvement with a focused problem-solving mindset. Combined with a sense of urgency and a duty to support each customer’s expanding needs, MediaMint is a determined business partner that works as an extension of client teams and accelerates the capacity for growth. 

If you want to #BeEPIC and build EPIC operations within your organization, count on MediaMint and our EPIC associates to guide and support you along the journey. Contact us.



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