Technical Development

At MediaMint we pride ourselves in working with clients to understand their business challenges and technical requirements. We work to deliver optimal products and workflow solutions that have measurable and meaningful value. Leverage our rich experience for your unique technical requirements.
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Our Services

Platform Customization

Does your existing software aid or hinder your company’s growth? MediaMint caters to your unique set of needs to simplify and streamline key tasks.

API Integration

Through our extensive knowledge and experience with API integrations, MediaMint helps companies leverage multiple software platforms by integrating the best features from other applications to support scaled growth.

System Design & Development

Whatever your system design challenge may be, MediaMint develops custom solutions and services that handle complex business flows.

Full Stack Development

MediaMint provides back-end, front-end, and database management support to help build professional and optimized applications focused on the end customer.

Dev Ops

From environment set-up, to configuration, deployment, monitoring and testing, our Dev Ops resources allow you to focus on driving innovation and staying ahead of technology disruptions.

Technical QA

Identifying and solving technical and user experience issues is critical for any application. Tap into MediaMint’s vetted, experienced, and passionate QA team to keep your developers and customers happy.

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