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8 Things to Look for When Choosing an Outsourced Ad Operations Team

Outsourcing your ad operations function has a wide range of benefits. Partnering with the right experienced team will save you money, free up time, and draw on the expert knowledge, skill, and scale that can be incredibly difficult to replicate in your own in-house teams.. Read more


7 Signs You Need to Outsource Your Ad Operations

For many companies, relying on their internal teams to handle the myriad tasks involved with ad operations just isn’t enough. Staff are tied up in their own work, too busy to effectively tackle the highly complex work involved with running modern-day ad campaigns.. Read more


How the Right Outsourcing Partner Can Accelerate Your Company Growth 

Striking the right balance between sales growth, operational capacity, and what technologies to leverage to drive company growth is a challenge for every business leader. Having the right team is critical, and choosing the right partners to work with can make all the difference. Read more


Google Ads Playbook: Reach People When They’re Looking

Whether you’re selling a product, service, building brand awareness, or all of the above, your primary goal in creating online advertisements is to reach audiences that have an interest in what you are selling. So, why not make it a step easier and do it on a platform that puts what you’re advertising right in front of people who are already searching for it?  Read more


Why Connected TV (CTV) is the Next Big Marketing Channel (and How to do it Right) 

The way we watch TV has changed significantly over the last decade. We now have many more options when it comes to catching up with our favorite shows, and the format of those shows has also changed considerably  .. Read more


What the World is Watching: A CTV Market Update

It wasn’t so long ago that advertisers clamored for television spots, even though the data on their effectiveness was nothing close to that provided by digital advertising. However, sometime during the last five years, most of the TV sets  .. Read more


The Trade Desk Playbook: Enhance Your Omnichannel Campaign Performance

As the habits of online users are constantly changing, incorporating an omnichannel campaign strategy can help you run a successful campaign. If you are a marketer, adding in such a strategy can create a seamless experience for your  .. Read more


Unleash the Power of Flexible and Scalable Talent

When we think of the gig economy, we first think of Uber drivers and Task Rabbits, but that’s just the B2C segment. Hidden under the surface of the changing work environment .. Read more


What’s Next After Cookies?

The past few years have seen a pendulum swing from ever-more granular ad targeting metrics to restoring the user’s control over their privacy. Overuse of sophisticated advertising algorithms .. Read more


Be EPIC – Build Scalable Operations

Over the past 10 years, MediaMint has grown from a small group of media and technology operations agents to a team of over 900 employees around .. Read more


B2B Social Media: More Useful Than You Think

Social media is an effective tool for B2B companies and must be taken advantage of. However, some B2B companies are stuck in the rut of believing their customers .. Read more


The 2020 Holiday Season: Six Trends to Watch Out For

Online shopping has advanced five years in the past three quarters. Next year it will advance even more. Consumers want convenience, and Amazon has unleashed many competitors with different takes on how.. Read more


5 Holiday Advertising Tips: How to Keep Your Brand Safe 

The holidays are upon us and with them is a surge in online advertising. If you’re not an online advertising expert, the sheer volume of ads served during this time can be overwhelming…. Read more


Flexible Staffing and Automation: A Competitive Advantage During Uncertain Times

Economic downturns that disrupt businesses are not uncommon. Taking advantage of these downturns to strengthen your business can help accelerate growth and increase market share during recovery… Read more


A Time for Reflection: What We’re Thankful for

Without a doubt, this year has been unique, to say the least. Like the rest of the world, we were thrown a sharp curveball leaving us to quickly adapt, remain productive… Read more


IAB Brand Disruption Summit 2020: Exciting Predictions

Although the economy as a whole might still be reeling from the effects of the COVID pandemic, this week’s IAB Brand Disruption Summit revealed that many consumer brands are doing remarkably well global media markets …. Read more


Kantar Media Reactions: How the Pandemic Has Accelerated Marketing Changes

One effect of the pandemic on marketing seems to be that marketers have moved on more quickly than consumers. A survey of 4,000 consumers and 700 global marketers across 7 global media markets …. Read more


The New Normal: How Your Brand Can Thrive

Global communities around the world are taking the necessary measures to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.During these times of uncertainty, companies of all shapes and sizes are also struggling to keep themselves afloat…. Read more


Digital Advertising in 2020: What Consumers Think

Digital advertising had an apocalyptic Q2 as many brands withdrew their advertising in the face of COVID-19. The truth is, most brand marketers did not really… Read more


9 Ad Targeting Strategies

Marketers and advertisers aim to reach consumers with the right message and at the right time. With targeted advertising or ad targeting strategies, advertisers can identify… Read more


B2B Marketing: Products in Need of Stories

There are real techniques involved in being good at B2B marketing, and it’s about time those of us who do it make it attractive like consumer marketing… Read more


Workflow Process Changes in a Remote World

In 2008, Warren Buffet observed to his shareholders that “only when the tide goes out, do you find out who has been swimming naked.” Buffet used that phrase to refer to people who had made bad … Read more


DMEXCO @home: Our Key Takeaways 

I have nothing but admiration for the organizers of DMEXCO, the annual European marketing conference, and the Expo. What an amazing show it is in person, and what an action-packed show they had planned before they had to go digital… Read more


An Invitation to Blinner

Like every other business, MediaMint has been working remotely since the beginning of the pandemic. As an organization, we’ve taken a conservative stance, which means the health of our employees comes first… Read more


What Will Replace Third Party Cookies?

Everyone in the ad tech industry is wildly looking for a way to replace third party cookies. Advertisers want proof, and publishers want attribution… Read more


Maintaining Business Continuity During a Crisis

In times of business uncertainty, it is more important than ever to ensure you can consistently deliver the products and services your customers need… Read more


MediaMint COVID Preparedness

The business world is facing a formidable disruptive force in the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand the significant role that we, as a partner, must play… Read more


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