Striking the right balance between sales growth, operational capacity, and what technologies to leverage to drive company growth is a challenge for every business leader. Having the right team is critical, and choosing the right partners to work with can make all the difference. Managed service partners are one of the most valuable resources available to any growing company. They often become an extension of your team, helping you manage a wide range of tasks and operational functions that might otherwise create challenges for your in-house team.

Managed service partners provide vetted, trained, and experienced agents that can support core business functions, including, sales, marketing operations, finance, customer service, creative design, development, and more. This added support helps your existing team execute tasks more efficiently, freeing them up to focus on higher priority items and accelerate business growth. 

By choosing the right outsourcing partner, you can build a more scalable business that can grow much more easily with far less risk. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest advantages of working with a good managed service vendor.

The benefits of working with a trusted partner

1. Take the strain off your core team

Your people are busy. Dealing with the myriad of different tasks across marketing, sales, design, finance, engineering, and other areas of the business is time-intensive.

Often, your teams are diverted from their own business-critical tasks to take care of other responsibilities and issues as they arise. This impairs their ability to complete tasks and slows down the progress of the entire business.

By working with a managed services partner, you can assign many of the day-to-day tasks to them, leaving your own staff free to focus on their specific jobs, make more business decisions, develop creative solutions, build stronger client relationships and own more of the higher value-added initiatives for which they are uniquely qualified.

2. Reduce costs

The right partner is going to save you money. By bringing in the right talent with the right skillset, tasks will be handled more efficiently and help you avoid expensive mistakes based on their industry knowledge. 

On top of that, a service partner who has a lens towards continuous improvement can also recommend and implement better platforms and systems, helping you optimize your processes to further drive down the costs of the business.

Beyond just the direct cost per task, you will also see significant cost savings by removing the need to recruit, hire, and train new resources. Your partner can take care of jobs that would otherwise require several new employees, which is even more impactful for jobs that tend to have a high turnover rate. Since the average company spends about $4000 simply to source and hire an employee, not including the value of the onboarding, training, and other indirect human resource investments, this can amount to an enormous saving.

3. Improve quality

Let’s face it, quality is what keeps a business going. Time and money spent fixing mistakes far outweighs the cost of delivering a product or completing a task correctly the first time through. Industries have been transformed by putting quality first.

The right service partner can significantly improve the quality of your output, allowing you to delight your customers more than ever before. This drives loyalty and revenue growth.

4. Work with experts in their field

For many businesses and startups, it’s impossible to hire an expert in every single field. This means that many employees are forced to be a jack of all trades, juggling multiple tasks which they may not be particularly experienced in. It’s stressful for those team members and increases the risk of mistakes and poor results.

When working with the right partner, you can outsource these tasks to people who are highly experienced professionals in those areas. This allows you to draw on the partner’s expertise and knowledge, taking advantage of their competence to optimize your performance without having to rely on an inexperienced team member spending large amounts of time and money learning on the job and from frequent and costly errors. 

Hiring an expert internally is also an option, but often requires months of interviewing, onboarding, and training. This is only recommended if you can keep that specialist busy or hiring new staff.

5. Access and leverage technology more efficiently

The average company spends $343,000 a year on SaaS tools. Many of these are critical to completing business tasks effectively and running your company efficiently. In many cases, however, the value of these tools is not optimized or captured at all, resulting in a significant waste of money.

The right partner will bring expertise across many of the core SaaS platforms you need to run your business. Proper system design and implementation will save you a significant amount of time and money while getting the most out of your tools. In addition, identifying which platforms and tools aren’t necessary will allow you to cut unnecessary subscription fees out of your budget. 

If you are ready to take a much more efficient and focused approach to run your business, start by identifying outsourcing partners who will be able to help you along the way. Your partners will quickly assess where they can help and the value they can bring your business, usually as a free consultation.

Find ways to delegate repeatable tasks and give your internal team the ability to elevate their strategic decision-making to be more productive. Finally, track the progress on measurable results with a lower cost of service, higher quality, and better delivery for your customers. 

At MediaMint, we handle a wide range of marketing and technology operations functions for over 100 enterprise, growth, and smb clients. Our services include Ad Operations, Campaign Management, Creative Services, Technical Support, Custom Development, and more. Our purpose is to always deliver value so you can focus on the business-critical tasks, while our experienced teams take care of the rest. To find out more, get in touch.

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