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    What to expect at MediaMint? 

    We love people who define their surroundings and who are constantly looking to learn new things. We value honesty and integrity above all. We love people that are honest, self-aware and are intent on bettering  themselves each day. If you love growth – professional and personal, then MediaMint is most likely the place for you! 

    Where MediaMint is headed to? 

    MediaMint is headed towards being the strategic and transformative operating partner for media and  technology companies worldwide. With a portfolio of clients that are market leaders in their respective fields  – OTT video streaming platforms, digital publishing, advertising agencies and software, MediaMint is uniquely  positioned for exponential growth in the next 3-5 years. With our constant endeavor to create value for our  clients, our service offerings have increased significantly in the last 24 months and our partners have been  relying on us to execute functions higher up the value chain. 

    Role & Responsibilities: 

    Actively seek to foster the client relationship through effective communication and expectation setting Strategize, implement and manage online ad campaigns for advertisers across multiple verticals Strive for 100% quality execution with regard to campaigns through quality assurance and testing

    Ensure that campaigns are 

    ▪ On schedule to spend allocated budgets (Pacing) 

    ▪ Consistently progressing towards meeting KPIs (Performance) 

    Manage campaign calendar through the entire flight to set predefined cadences for delivering  Optimizations 

    ∙ Optimize campaigns at different levels 

    • Bid/Budget optimizations 
    • Targeting optimizations
    • Language 
      • Age 
      • Gender 
      • Location 
      • Device 

    Category level recommendations 

    Keyword optimizations 

    Suggesting campaign restructure if applicable 

    Provide data driven recommendations to improve KPIs 

    Troubleshoot any platform/tool related issues pertaining to ad serving/delivery Perform audience creation, data management, and data troubleshooting 

    Suggest on campaign process, proprietary tools, and custom applications 

    Manage and maintain campaign documentation

    Skills Required: 

    • 2+ years related full-time experience, preferably within a digital agency or client services environment Proven skills in digital campaign management including processing, trafficking and monitoring  performance against SLAs and KPIs 
    • Team player with the ability to work cross-functionally (client services and technical services) in driving  client success 
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment High levels of attention to detail and ability to organize and prioritize assignments 
    • Go-getter with exceptional problem solving skills to proactively identify potential issues, troubleshoot and  resolve them quickly 
    • Ability to prioritize work independently and demonstrate a willingness to be flexible and versatile in the  production role, proactively addressing changes in client demands 
    • Very strong interpersonal communication and client facing skills 
    • Critical thinking and decision making ability 
    • High attention to detail with the ability to produce flawless work in rapid succession  
    • Must be willing to work in a 24/7 support team with rotating shifts and week offs 

    *This job is no longer available. Browse Other Available Positions

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