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    What to expect at MediaMint? 
    We love people who define their surroundings and who are constantly looking to learn new things. We value honesty and integrity above all. We love people that are honest, self-aware, and are intent on bettering themselves each day. If you love growth – professional and personal, then MediaMint is most likely the place for you!

    Where MediaMint is headed to? 
    MediaMint is headed towards being the strategic and transformative operating partner for media and technology companies worldwide. With a portfolio of clients that are market leaders in their respective fields – OTT video streaming platforms, digital publishing, advertising agencies, and software, MediaMint is uniquely positioned for exponential growth in the next 3-5 years. With our constant endeavor to create value for our clients, our service offerings have increased significantly in the last 24 months and our partners have been relying on us to execute functions higher up the value chain.

    Job Brief
    Ultimately, an Ad operations Associate manager is in charge of leading a team of advertisers to produce and optimize the best possible campaign for their clients. He/She will be in charge of managing the relationships between your team members, addressing problems and implementing solutions, and supervising the output of their work to make sure that it matches the brief given to your team by the client or by higher-ups at your firm. The job of an Associate Manager involves overseeing the effectiveness or efficiency of the systems of advertising operations of a client. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the advertising department is running well based on set goals, budget, and company standards. The advertising operations manager also works closely with other departments, such as finance, human resources, and accounts to help reach the company’s goals. Strong leadership and organizational skills, proven conflict management experience, effective written and verbal communication skills, advanced knowledge in the technical aspects of an advertising department, and in-depth experience in advertising procedures, principles, methods, techniques, and practices.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Ad operations managers implement and schedule advertisement campaigns for a range of clients across a wide variety of industries and digital media platforms.
    • Ad operations managers take care of a team, which means listening to complaints and requests from team members, taking care of all of the inter-relationships formed, and making sure that all of the output from that team is stellar in nature.
    • Ad operations managers are also in charge of putting together and tweaking an overall budget for a campaign, submitting and defending it to upper management, and then making sure that the advertising team sticks to those numbers over the duration of the work period.
    • Finally, ad operations managers are in charge of analyzing just how an ad campaign did, looking at all of the data and metrics to determine audience conversion, and from that data making educated suggestions for how future ads might be optimized for best results.
    • A candidate should display a strong proclivity towards being highly organized
    • The candidate should have strong presentation skills
    • The candidate should be very familiar with basic computer programs—and, in some cases, more advanced computer programs depending on the specific role
    • The candidate should display an intimate and researched knowledge of the most recent news in digital media platforms and solutions, as one of their jobs, will be to know the scope at which advertisement campaigns should run
    • The candidate should ideally have some background in advertising, and generally, be able to tell a good ad from a bad one to better serve the needs and aims of the client
    • As always, being a team player is definitely a plus! Future clients want to know that they can count on you as well as want to spend time with you!
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